As Seen on The History Channel's American Restoration

  This wonderful experience began on our anniversary trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. We decided to take a visit to Rick’s Restorations because we love watching his show on the History Channel. We had a blast getting to look at all of the pieces that Rick’s Restorations has restored, and best of all, we actually got to meet Rick, Kelly, Brettly, and Tyler! While we were talking with Rick and his team, they asked us what we did, to which we told him, we owned a gourmet popcorn and candy store in Sulphur Springs, Texas. They told us that they had been looking for a particular buyer for the popcorn machine that we liked and that it would also be on the show. We told them that we were definitely interested.

  When we returned home to Sulphur Springs we spoke with the city manager, Mark Maxwell, and asked if the city would be interested in purchasing the popcorn machine with us. The city agreed to purchase the machine with us and that is when we started the process of being on the show.
  Off to Las Vegas we went, along with city manager, Mark Maxwell, and Mayor John Sellers. Brettly asked us if we brought any of our Oreo Popcorn back with us because he loved it the first time he tried it.
  We spent a total of 12 hours filming for the show and our episode will be aired 200 times per year and in 6 different countries.
  We would like to thank Rick’s Restorations and the History Channel for making this awesome adventure possible for us. We would also like to thank the City of Sulphur Springs, along with all of our loyal customers. This would not have been possible without their support.

  Our popcorn machine will be kept in our store for viewing when not being used for down town events. Come on down and see us or click here to order Brettly’s favorite, Oreo, or try one of our sampler packs to figure out which popcorn is your favorite. Have a SweetNSalty day!